Step 1. Valuing your property

Get the kettle on! Matthew or one of the team will arrange to come and have a look at your property with you. We’ll then provide a realistic valuation of your property, and chat to you about the best way to market your property.

We’ll also give you some hints and tips about how to make your home look its very best to help make those house-hunters fall in love with what they see.

Step 2. Getting the essential info together

When we put your house on the market, there’s a few things we need before we can do that. Most of them help with the sale:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - One of these is required by law before you can buy or sell a property. Dawson Estates can arrange an independent company to provide this.
  • Photo ID - Current legislation says that we need to make sure that you are you! So a copy of your passport or Driving Licence will be required too.
  • Property Details - Every single property that we showcase is photographed by a professional photographer, which shows off your home in the best possible way. We create a floorplan with the essential dimensions and details of the property, and bring your property to life by using the best writers around to describe the home, and put what it could be like to live there into the buyer’s mind.

Step 3. Your property goes on the market

Your property is up for sale! We’ll upload it to the Dawson Estates website, to Rightmove, and many other property sites; and we’ll craft a really nice post to push it out across our social media channels in front of thousands of people interested in buying a new house.

We’ll also send details of your property out to the buyers on our database, and contact people who we know are looking for a property like yours, in your area. We’ll give the ‘hot’ prospects a call, and we might even arrange the first viewing that very same day!

Finally, we’ll put up a Dawsons Estates ‘For Sale’ board, which is still an important part of the advertising process!

We’ll have learned your property off by heart, and we always accompany a potential buyer on any viewing. We’ll arrange a convenient time with you to make the appointment with them, and that’ll give you the chance to give the property a quick tidy-round if it needs it.

Step 4. Receiving an offer

When we receive an offer, we’ll call you with the details straight away. We’ll also let you know about their financial position for purchase, their intended timescales, and if they’re in a chain. This ensures you have all the information necessary to decide whether or not you’d like to accept their offer.

Step 5. Accepting the offer and selling your property

Once you’re happy to agree to an offer, we’ll contact all parties’ solicitors. That’ll start the ball rolling, and we’ll start to collate all the important details and dates, ready for you to exchange contracts and move out.

It’ll be a good time to start contacting removal companies too, so you can decide who you’d like to book when it comes to moving out.

Step 6. Managing the sale

Dawson Estates will keep tabs on how the sale is progressing with everyone in your chain. We’ll keep you updated regularly (we’re great at communication!) and do everything in our power to make sure the sale completes on time.

Between four and eight weeks after accepting the offer, your contract should be ready for exchange and your buyer will have paid the deposit to purchase your property. This is when the sale becomes legally binding.

Step 7. Moving out

Now you’ve exchanged contracts, the sale is ready for completion! It’s time to let the new owner have the keys, and for you to take a look around the property for one final time.

You can read more about selling your property on the government website.

Ready to sell your home? To find a buyer fast, get in touch with Dawson Estates today.